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MIDNIGHT MASK final cover.png
Midnight Mask
Dear Stranger


"A novella packing a good punch of lyrical prose, vivid description and finely wrought character development. It reads like a surprisingly good meal, various flavours unwrapping in turn and taste sensations staying with you after it's complete." - 4FatPaws, Amazon

This novella warmed my insides and made me smile like a fool. As a self proclaimed hopeless romantic, I can’t recommend this narrative enough. And that cover, man I love that cover. It’s simple and beautiful, full of hope and with the promise of love. Just like the writing. Dear Stranger is the perfect read for fellow romantics or someone just looking for a good read by an author whose definitely leaving her mark on the Australian Industry." - Jess, Never Ending Bookshelf

"It's difficult to manipulate a short story into being something truly worth reading, but this is a prime example of what happens when it all goes right." M.A. Grant, Goodreads

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