We all wear masks. Some for a night. Others for a lifetime.

On the eve of a new life, ex-undercover investigator James finds himself at a beach masquerade party, the honoured guest of an unknown host. There he meets Fiona no-offered-surname, and the pair fall into a fast intimacy. But it’s clear this woman is wearing more than one mask.

With time against them and secrets between them, will this be just one unforgettable night, or will this be the chance to unmask at last?

"Intense, heartfelt and surprising. A novella packing a good punch of lyrical prose, vivid description and finely wrought character development. It reads like a surprisingly good meal, various flavours unwrapping in turn and taste sensations staying with you after it's complete." - 4FatPaws, Amazon




Midnight Mask was in part inspired by Warriewood Beach, north of Sydney Australia.