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A collection of small-town stories from three bestselling local authors.

Jilted by Rachael Johns

When Ellie Hughes returns to the small country town of Hope Junction to care for her injured godmother, it's not long before the gossips start questioning why she broke Flynn Quartermaine's heart ten years ago. But Ellie is not the only one with secrets. When all is uncovered, can they overcome the past, or is Flynn destined to be jilted again?

Summer Return by Elise K. Ackers

Ethan Foster, home to mourn his sister-in-law, finds himself as unwelcome as ever in his small town. But the secrets that would clear his name would destroy his family and the woman he left behind. Samantha O'Hara once loved freely, but she can't - won't - have anything to do with this new Ethan ... even if this time, their love might be enough to make him stay.


Tell Me No Lies by Shirley Wine

For single mum Victoria Scanlan, working the luxurious Darkhaven wedding will guarantee the success of her floral boutique and the stability she needs for her son. But the


country house comes with a shocking guest - the groom, Keir Donovan, is the man she once knew as Seth Donahue. Suddenly, Keir's calm but loveless future suddenly doesn't seem quite so certain.

Reviews for Summer Return:

"Tender and heartwarming... An amazing new Australian voice." Cathryn Hein, bestselling author of Heartland and Rocking Horse Hill

"A lovely, sweet, small town novella trilogy with rich, realistic characters and excellent writing." Juliet Madison, author of Fast Forward

“[T}his book has something for everyone: love, family, conflict, acceptance and forgiveness” – Goodreads

“You need to read this book” – Goodreads

'I would highly recommend this to book to others to read its a good read.' — Shadow Wolf, Netgalley

'Loved the story, it flowed.' — Niki Hawkes, Netgalley

'I loved this , such amazing writing and the story flows so well you will love everyone in it.' — Lianne James, Netgalley

'Loved it!!! I laughed & I cried reading this story.' — Shanna Rice, Netgalley

'Summer Return was a good book to have on hand while vacationing. The story was enjoyable and easy...The author did a great job with the characters and how they influenced the story.' — Yara Santos, Netgalley

'Loved this book' — Hayley Smith,Goodreads

'I enjoyed this book quite a lot. You see the characters change grow and learn not everything is as it seems. I'm looking forward to reading more from this author!' — Melanie Stanley, Netgalley

'I smiled, i cried, my heart ached and at some parts I even laughed out loud… I really enjoyed this book.' — Melody Havron, Netgalley

'This was a super easy super cute read! I adored the main characters and were rooting for both of them. It was great!' — Ariana Kilgore, Netgalley

Summer Return is a very well written book. I enjoyed the plot and the Australian setting. The author was new to me and I liked the writing style.' — Marcia Stewart, Netgalley

'Had great characters and a really great storyline which I enjoyed a lot. Can't wait to see what else this author brings out next.' — Melinda Swaine, Netgalley


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Originally published as Ask Me To Stay, then expanded and revised and published as Summer Return.

Ask Me to Stay (now titled Summer Return) - RWAus Romantic Novella of the Year (ELLA) Award finalist, 2014

Leonai (now titled Summer Return) - International 3-Day Novel Contest participant, 2011


Plus in select stores


Summer Return is based loosely on the Upper Hunter Valley town of Denman in New South Wales Australia. I visited there a number of times when my parents lived there, and I was inspired by the landscape, the wonderful feeling of the community, and oddly enough, the pressed tin metal ceilings of the old pub. For more information on the town visit here.

Summer Return, Elise K. Ackers

So proud! Ask Me to Stay, now titled Summer Return and expanded, was a finalist in the Romance Writers of Australia Romantic Novella of the Year 2014 Award.

Summer Return, Elise K. Ackers

Ethan Foster, carpenter and outcast.

Summer Return, Elise K. Ackers

The water tower. For all big thoughts and a bit of perspective.

Summer Return, Elise K. Ackers

"Find your hellos."

Summer Return, Elise K. Ackers

Father and son.

Summer Return, Elise K. Ackers

Who could refuse this face? Not Cal.

Summer Return, Elise K. Ackers
Summer Return, Elise K. Ackers

The Farmer's Arms, Cal's pub.

Summer Return, Elise K. Ackers

Denman, Victoria

Summer Return, Elise K. Ackers

Foster's Garage

Summer Return, Elise K. Ackers

Foster's Garage

Summer Return, Elise K. Ackers

Foster's Garage.


Ask Me o Stay Elise K. Ackers Summer Return
Ask Me o Stay Elise K. Ackers Summer Return
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