A light-hearted, contemporary romance about a young woman who goes looking for love, only to find it very close to home.

Cora is 'over' being alone. She has no family, all her friends are couples, and she can't stand the thought of spending Christmas by herself. Determined to change her life, Cora hatches a plan to find The One.

Just as she decides her strategy, she meets Matt, her downstairs neighbour. They become unlikely friends, with Matt an amused bystander as Cora tries various methods to change her life.​​

Then something unexpected happens.


Matt, who spends his life avoiding commitment, begins to feel jealous of the men Cora is dating and his resolve to never fall in love begins to crumble. Meanwhile, Cora is finding herself increasingly attracted to Matt. It's shame he has the emotional capacity of a teaspoon, because in every other way he's perfect for her. ​If only the boy next door... No, that's a dangerous thought.​


"Quite simply, I LOVED this book ... Ackers writes with a light, friendly, bantering kind of tone, setting an atmosphere that is so welcoming, warm and, why not: cuddly." - Giraffe Days


"The Man Plan is ... one of the best contemporary romances I’ve ever read." - Laura Greaves.

"…a tale that every women who reads this book will agree with and most will even think – OMG I've done that or at least tried it , some might even say OMG I did that and it worked." - The Phantom Paragrapher

"The Man Plan is a sweet romance story, with a touch of Holiday Spirit. This is a book about finding love in unexpected places, and I enjoyed the story." - Book Savvy Babes

"THE MAN PLAN is by turns hilariously funny and filled with heartfelt emotions. I love friends-to-lovers stories, and this is one of the best that I've read." - Life is a Kaleidoscope

"The light fun style had me laughing and loving the characters, but there was also an emotional depth that made me care what happened to them. Definitely a story about people on a journey -- from what they thought they wanted to what they truly desire. Love." - Jenny Schwartz.

"This is a laugh out loud, heartwarming, sweet story about a heroine desperate for love and a hero that thinks he's incapable of loving someone. Having read and absolutely loved Unforgettable, I already decided that I will read anything this author writes, but this book just promoted her to one of my favorite authors. The two stories couldn't be more different, while Unforgettable is a bit on the serious side, this one is somewhat lighter but just as good. The [characters] ...amazing chemistry. I loved the way they became so comfortable with each other, they're more alike than they seem at first. They tease each other relentlessly and they're both good sports about it. He's so amused with her plan, he can't help but make it his business, too. The whole lake scene was so beautiful." Ari, Amazon

"The Man Plan was a light, funny and sweet read that entertained me with its positive tone, the great banter between Cora and Matt and Cora’s antics when she was trying to meet men. ... Both characters were well written and relatable. ... Overall, The Man Plan has a lot of heart and it captured my attention from the first meeting between Matt and Cora until the ending that left a big happy smile on my face." Bellamber, Amazon

"The Man Plan is a warm, lighthearted, contemporary romance by Australian author Elise K Ackers. I really enjoyed this delightful romance, with Cora's self imposed Christmas Day deadline The Man Plan is a lovely seasonal read. While Cora is a sympathetic figure, I love that Ackers has been careful to prevent her character from becoming an object of pity. I had to admire Cora's decision to be proactive in her search for the 'One', and the unique manner in which she went about it. In his own way Matt is as lonely as Cora, finding it difficult to connect with anyone, scarred by his emotionally abusive upbringing. As such his aversion to commitment is understandable so it's lovely to watch him slowly fall for Cora. I enjoyed the light hearted humour, especially the witty banter between Cora and Matt. The story flows well and the dialogue rings true. The Man Plan is a charming, feel good read about finding love where you least expect it." ShelleyRae, Book'd Out


 Winner of the Celtic Hearts Romance Writers Sneak Peak contest, 2013

Second in the New England Chapter Romance Writers of America (NECRWA) Readers’ Choice Bean Pot Award for Published Contemporary Authors, 2013

Third in the HODRW RWA Aspen Gold Reader's Choice Award, 2013

The Romance Reviews Best Book of 2012 (Contemporary) Nominee​




The Man Plan is set in my old neighbourhood Port Melbourne, and the characters venture often into the wonderful - world's most liveable - city of Melbourne. For more information, visit here.