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Olivia "Lawless" Law is back ...

The only thing that could get Olivia back to her childhood home of Denman is a call from her best friend. Sam is planning a wedding, and Olivia agrees to help. But from the moment she arrives, nothing goes to plan. Sam's got cold feet. The town's people are apparently never going to forgive and forget Olivia's Big Mistake. And Sam's big brother Cal - Olivia's first crush and the town's sole pub owner - is all grown up now, with a heart as scarred as her own.

Liv can't wait to get back to her life - far away from this judgemental town - but Sam's dug her heels in, which means Liv's spending a lot of time with Denman's favourite publican.


Can Liv get her best friend down the aisle and win the town's forgiveness? And when it comes to Cal, can going back still mean moving forward?

"The book comes alive from the very first page, namely because of the detailed characters Ackers has created. Both the main characters, Liv and Cal, are likeable (I’d even say lovable when it comes to Cal) and have an interesting back story. Plus, when they are together on the page, sparks really do fly!" Sam Still Reading - review for Ask Me for More

"With a charming cast of characters and a well drawn small town background this is a pleasure to read." Fiona Marsden - review of Ask Me for More

"This book kept me hooked with all the conflict, sexual tension and things that were going on with everyone in town." Sara, Harlequin Junkie - review of Ask Me for More

"I definitely have a new favorite author. great story. loved it." Emma, Goodreads - review of Ask Me for More



Originally published as Ask Me for More. Expanded and revised edition.



Autumn Vows is based loosely on the Upper Hunter Valley town of Denman in New South Wales Australia. I visited there a number of times when my parents lived there, and I was inspired by the landscape, the wonderful feeling of the community, and oddly enough, the pressed tin metal ceilings of the old pub. For more information on the town visit here.

Summer Return, Elise K. Ackers

The Farmer's Arms, Cal's pub.

Summer Return, Elise K. Ackers

Denman, Victoria


Ask Me o Stay Elise K. Ackers Summer Return
Ask Me o Stay Elise K. Ackers Summer Return
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