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A Country LIFE

A collection of uplifting stories about new beginnings from three Australian authors.

The Road to Hope by Rachael Johns

After watching the man she's always loved marry someone else, nurse Lauren Simpson is finally ready to pack it in and leave Hope Junction. Until her resolve is tested when the hot new locum doctor arrives in town. The attraction is instant, but both Lauren and Tom have their reasons for not being all in. Everyone else can see how perfect they are together, but just what will it take for them to admit this to themselves?


Red Dust Dancer by Eva Scott

With her career as a Parisian showgirl at an end, Tamsin Cooper is finally ready to take up her inheritance: a cattle farm in Queensland. But Uncle Ted had a secret and Tamsin's sexy neighbour and new friend, Angus Walker, helped him keep it. Faced with losing her farm and her heart, Tamsin returns to what she knows best: dancing. But even with her new dance school, can she shimmy past lies and betrayal to find her place in this country town?

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Winter Beginnings by Elise K. Ackers

Alice Jaye desperately needs her new job at Foster's Garage, but she's not interested in becoming close with the tight-knit staff and its all-knowing clientele. History has taught her that secrecy equals survival; her and her son's security depends on Alice carefully compartmentalising her life. But there's something special about kind, attractive, available Dean Foster. The more Alice and Dean work together, and the more their kids bond, the harder it becomes for Alice to keep her worlds from colliding.

Reviews for Winter Beginnings:

"The romance is sweet and the pages just fly by – a lovely contemporary romance made all the better from the hero’s point of view. I strongly recommend you try this series!" Sam Still Reading - review for Ask Me for Tomorrow (now Winter Beginnings)

"Another great story, I only wish they were longer, but I'd probably still read them in a day or two anyway!" Emma, Goodreads - review of Ask Me for Tomorrow (now Winter Beginnings)


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Originally published as Ask Me for Tomorrow, then expanded and revised and published as Winter Beginnings.

Ask Me to Stay (now titled Summer Return) - RWAus Romantic Novella of the Year (ELLA) Award finalist, 2014

Leonai (now titled Summer Return) - International 3-Day Novel Contest participant, 2011

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Winter Beginnings is based loosely on the Upper Hunter Valley town of Denman in New South Wales Australia. I visited there a number of times when my parents lived there, and I was inspired by the landscape, the wonderful feeling of the community, and oddly enough, the pressed tin metal ceilings of the old pub. For more information on the town visit here.

Winter Beginnings, Elise K. Ackers

Foster's Garage

Winter Beginnings, Elise K. Ackers

Father and son.

Winter Beginnings, Elise K. Ackers

Foster's Garage.

Winter Beginnings, Elise K. Ackers

Foster's Garage

Winter Beginnings, Elise K. Ackers

Denman, Victoria


Ask Me o Stay Elise K. Ackers Summer Return
A Country Life, cover.jpg
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